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Re-examining What "Interpreter Role" Means - An Introduction to Role-Space is a facilitated workshop by Amy Kroll.

This interactive, discussion-based workshop is for working and student interpreters. Over the course of this workshop, you will explore the work of Peter Llewellyn-Jones and Robert G. Lee. Their work presents Role-Space which is a model that questions the ASL-English interpreting field's traditional view of "role." Llewellyn-Jones and Lee believe when interpreters and consumers share the same understanding of "role" then interpreters can effectively make decisions that allow successful communicative interactions of the consumers. This is not a workshop designed to improve your ability to educate consumers on the interpreter's role (as historically understood and taught by the field). Instead, this workshop presents Llewellyn-Jones and Lee's challenge that role is a series of alignments between the interpreter and the people within a communicative interaction.  

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Define Role-Space and it's three axes of alignment (x = participant, y = interaction management, & z = presentation of self)

  • Compare "role" from a traditional viewpoint (the interpreter role) to an alignment viewpoint (Role-Space)

  • Discuss Role-Space as a decision-making tool for interpreted interactions

  • Analyze case presentation of real-world communicative interactions by applying the Role-Space model to evaluate the effectiveness of the decisions made by an interpreter


This workshop has four parts:


1) Prep: Pre-reading(s) will be emailed several days prior to the workshop date. The pre-reading(s) will take 60 minutes or less and must be completed prior as it provides a common framework for us to discuss from.​


2) Presentation: Recorded presentation on Role-Space from Lee (90 minutes).​


3) Discussion: Explore Role-Space as a model using the content presented in the pre-reading(s) and presentation. The guided discussion will last about 60-90 minutes.​


4) Case Presentation: Case presentation of communicative interactions for practice application of Role-Space (60-90 minutes). Be ready to share your real-world experiences and struggles.


The price includes the management of registrations, faciliatation of a 4 hour workshop, and handling of all CEU requirements.


Amy Kroll is based out of northern Colorado. She is available to facilitate this workshop outside of northern Colorado. A travel fee may be required depending on the distance to the desired location.

Re-examining What "Interpreter Role" Means - An Introduction to Role-Space

  • Once you purchase this workshop, the facilitator will email you to determine scheduling. 

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