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That Was Awkward: Exploring the Impact of Prescriptive Strategies is a facilitated workshop by Shannon Townsend and Amy Kroll.


The purpose of providing an interpreter has always been to facilitate an interaction between two individuals who do not share the same language. We, as the interpreter, have the responsibility to support the exchanges between and the connectedness of the participants. Generally, the interpreter assumes certain "breakdowns" are caused by one of the consumers (typically the hearing, English speaking consumer) and our default strategies are to be "hands off" or to educate. What if the interpreter is undermining one or both participants with their default (prescriptive) strategies and doesn't realize it? What if the real problem, the cause of the awkwardness, is us?


That Was Awkward is a two part workshop based on Llewellyn-Jones & Lee’s Role-Space framework. This workshop explores a) social norms in monolingual (spoken English, hearing culture) interactions, b) default interpreter interactions and the use of these prescriptive strategies to support or undermine our consumers, and c) new way to solve some of our work's breakdown. 

What if we could ditch those awkward breakdowns while working, without being rebels, without throwing the Code of Professional Conduct out the window, and without needing to master another interpreter specific skill? This is a solutions based conversation sure to have an immediate impact on your work.

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Compare social norms, prescriptive strategies, and their impact between monolingual (spoken English, hearing culture) participants in exchanges without interpreters.

  • Report prescriptive strategies and their impact to exchanges where you are a participant and/or an interpreter.

  • Examine how interpreters use prescriptive strategies to support or undermine exchanges between participants.


The price includes the management of registrations, faciliatation of a 10 hour workshop, and handling of all CEU requirements.


Shannon Townsend and Amy Kroll are based out of northern Colorado. Both or one are available to facilitate this workshop outside of northern Colorado. A travel fee may be required depending on the distance to the desired location.

That Was Awkward: Exploring the Impact of Prescriptive Strategies

  • Once you purchase this workshop, the facilitator will email you to determine scheduling. 

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