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Professional standards within the ASL-English Interpreting field, our states, and places of employment rightly require on-going learning. On-going, lifelong learning is the pursuit of knowledge, skills, and attitudes to always be professionally competent in a changing field and society. 

Since the birth of the interpreting profession in 1964, workshops and conferences have been the go-to form of learning. Workshops and conferences represent intentional formal learning events which are highly organized with the goal to impart a pre-identified knowledge, skill, or attitude. Many interpreters value the knowledge, skills, and attitudes gained in these traditional types of learning events.

Yet for me, workshops and conferences do little to promote my intrinsic ​motivation to pursue and apply wisdom. ​For that reason, I use In.terp.novation to support and share learning approaches that focus on self-discover or outside-of-the-box thinking because I believe there is no one way or right way to cultivate learning. There are many approaches to learning. Digital tools and web technologies are innovating how interpreters pursue career-long professional development and a learner identity.

Sponsor & Facilitator

Amy Kroll

Sponsor & Facilitator


I’ve been an ASL-English interpreter since 2005. Or as my husband says…"I’m a professional driver with a hobby of interpreting." As primarily a freelance interpreter, some days I spend more time driving to jobs than I do providing interpreting services. Yet all that drive time allows me to indulge in a passion of mine - reading. No, I don’t read books while driving; I listen to them!
 When I am not interpreting, facilitating, or driving (smile), I enjoy Pilates, crafting homemade cheese, walking my retired racing greyhound, adding handcrafted wood decorations to my outdoor Christmas display, and (most importantly) cultivating learning. I'm a widom-oholic!


I’m always in some kind of face-to-face, online, or blended learning environment either as a learner, facilitator, or instructor. I have multiple degrees and certificates ranging from audiology to interpreting to leadership. Through In.terp.novation, I can share my personal love, knowledge, and skills for learning with interpreters in innovative ways. Join me in the pursuit of our best interpreter versions!

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