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Independent Study

Student in Library


An Independent Study is a customized, self-directed learning event you design.  

You must obtain approval for CEUs prior to the start of the learning event. The Independent Study must be completed within 12 months of it's start and verification of it's completion is required.


Possible Independent Study options include (but are not limited to)...

  • Conducting original research

  • Developing original learning events for interpreters

  • Writing material for publication

  • Participating in a study group or mentorship

  • Conducting a literature or media review

  • Completing commercially produced self-study materials

The number of CEUs are based on the learning activities performed during the plan. It's typical for CEUs to be calculated using 2:1 or 3:1 ratios for non-traditional contact hours. A maximum of 2.0 CEUs can be earned per Independent Study. Larger, more time-consuming plans may be submitted as multiple Independent Studies.


To Earn CEUs

Submit the Intent to Design an Independent Study form (

Pay the $100 processing fee.

Attend the 30 minute planning session.


You will provide possible meeting dates/times in the Intent to Design an Independent Study form. I will follow up by email to schedule the planning session.


During the planning session, we will talk through the learning activity you want to complete. We will talk about the plan, goals, objectives, and measurements. I will share the Independent Study Plan form with you as a Google doc.


 Fill in the the Independent Study Plan form based on the planning session.

Feedback will be provided to the Independent Study Plan form. As your RID Sponsor, I will work with you to craft a solid plan that meets your unique professional development needs. Once the plan is finalized and approved...

Complete the learning activity as outlined in the Independent Study Plan.

Upload products documenting the learning activity to the Google Drive created for the Independent Study Plan within 30 days of completion.


Or email products to

Your CEUs will be submitted to RID after all these steps have been completed and the Independent Study Plan has been verified.

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