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A workshop is a structured learning event where RID CEUs are set up on behalf of the attendees. You must obtain approval for CEUs prior to the start of the learning event.


The processing fee is $50. The fee must be paid before the workshop documentation will be reviewed and is nonrefundable. 

To Set Up CEUs


Submit the Intent to Host a Workshop form (

Pay the $50 processing fee.

A Google Drive will be shared after receiving the Host a Workshop intent form and the processing fee. All required documentation to host a workshop will be in the Google Drive for editing. Please plan ahead when getting CEUs set up for a workshop as the documentation does take time to review, revise, and get approved.

Workshop documentation includes: workshop form (instructor and sponsor forms), presenter bio/resume, promotional materials, certificate of attendance, attendance verification, evaluation, and summary of evaluations.


Additional communication will occur via email.


Participant CEUs will be submitted to RID after all steps have been completed upon the conclusion of the workshop.

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